The Council

A special interest group of tele-ophthalmologists have united to found the Asia-Pacific Tele-Ophthalmology Society (APTOS) with a view to advancing and promoting tele-ophthalmology in the Asia-Pacific region and beyond.

The Council comprises:

President: Prof. Mingguang HE (China)
Secretary-General: Dr. Andreas MUELLER (Australia)
Vice-Presidents: Dr. Robert CHANG (U.S.)
Dr. R. D. THULASIRAJ (India)
Assistant Secretary-General: Dr. Ryo KAWASAKI (Japan)
Treasurer: Dr. Carol CHEUNG (Hong Kong)
Council Members: Prof. Jonathan CROWSTON (Australia)
Prof. Wei HE (China)
Prof. Dennis LAM (Hong Kong)
Dr. Gavin TAN (Singapore)
Dr. Angus TURNER (Australia)
Prof. Ningli WANG (China)
Prof. Tien-Yin WONG (Singapore)
Prof. Lin-Chung WOUNG (Chinese Taipei)
Dr. Sangchul YOON (South Korea)