1. To promote the development of tele-ophthalmology in the Asia-Pacific region and beyond.
  2. To facilitate the exchange of information surrounding all aspects of tele-ophthalmology among its members who are ophthalmologists, IT professionals, eye care technicians, organizations or institutions working on tele-ophthalmology, and to create a positive atmosphere for this field.
  3. To engage, advance and disseminate the research, validation, education, and academic exchanges of knowledge and technology relevant to tele-ophthalmology.
  4. To encourage collaboration and interaction among organizations, institutions and other bodies in the Asia-Pacific region and beyond in the service, research, study and professional training of tele-ophthalmology.
  5. To provide a platform and networks to explore different development models especially for remote and developing areas in the Asia-Pacific region and to promote best practice pattern for tele-ophthalmology.
  6. To facilitate research, invention and dissemination of the latest equipment, facilities, instruments and software related to tele-ophthalmology.
  7. To promote and conduct training programs and workshops for professionals and supporting staff working in the field of tele-ophthalmology for sustainable development.
  8. To explore the best mechanisms for localized tele-ophthalmology development in individual countries, including but not limited to devising an operational model, encouraging interoperability and aiding fundraising.
  9. To support and develop key tele-ophthalmic projects which can promote or facilitate the development of tele-ophthalmology.