Big Data Competition 2019

Fully supported by Kaggle, the inaugural APTOS Big Data Competition focused on detection of diabetic retinopathy (DR) and received more than 124,000 submissions from 3,922 participants representing 92 countries. Please join us in congratulating (1) Guanshuo Xu (New Jersey, US), (2) Mykhailo Matviiv and Artur Ispiriants (Ukraine), (3) Youhan Lee, Wonho Song, Jinmo Park, Sanghoon Kim and Youngsoo Lee (Seoul, Korea), and (4) Qishen Ha (Tokyo, Japan) on winning the Competition. They are sharing a total of US$50,000.

The highest score is 0.9361 closely followed by 0.9343, 0.9337 and 0.9336. You can check out the leaderboard and the discussions online.
We thank Aravind Eye Hospital for providing the datasets for the Competition.